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Egg Tart Machine Manufacturing Video

Publish Lisa On 2018-08-13

This egg tart machine manufacturing video shows us the exact steps of making the egg tart, in which the operator puts the dough into the tray, squeezes it, and finally forms the egg tart. The machine has eight small pallets and can produce 28 to 48 pcs egg tarts per minute. The machine is only used for egg tart skin molding, no heating effect.

The machine is suitable for egg tart skin molding, using professional aerodynamic design to ensure the shape of egg tarts intact, high efficiency. Different molds can be used to produce various sizes and shapes of egg tart skin. The company produced eight-hole egg tarts suitable for hotels, restaurants, factories, bakery use, can produce Portuguese-style egg tarts, table egg tarts, wide-style egg tarts and all kinds of flower-style egg tart skin. The egg tart machine adopts imported Schneider PLC control, pneumatic forming, turntable mechanical structure, the shell is all stainless steel production, and the food contact site is 304 stainless steel, hot die holder, equipped with different molds, can shape different shapes and sizes of egg tarts. 
egg tart machine
The egg tart machine has three models and represents a different output, 28 per minute, 36 per minute, 48 per minute. The machine for the major food processing plants and catering processing production, the province of manpower, high efficiency. The machine is simple to operate, easy to install, disassemble and clean, and we can transport the machine to your city if you need it. So please contact with us.
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