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Automatic Wafer Biscuits Making Machine Sold to Bahrain

Publish Lisa On 2018-08-07

Wafer biscuits making machine was sold to shipped to Bahrain, our customer runs a wafer biscuits factory. In the past, they produced the wafer biscuits by old fashioned machines, this machine has low production efficiency, and need more labor and also course rising costs. After using the machine, produce wafer biscuits with high efficiency, and do not need so many workers. This new wafer biscuit making machine, it improted production efficiency, high capacity, easy to operate, easy to clean. The machine with high degree of automation, it with large capacity. The wafer biscuit can be coated chocolate, etc.

This is the company specializing in the manufacture of automatic production line, the production line is characterized by advanced electronic control technology, energy saving and save money, the cake is not sticky template, powder crumbs very fine, surface slurry oil very few, respectively:
1. Gas heating production of the cake, so that the production of the energy cost of the cake to reduce, improve the pie making enterprise profits.
2. Energy-saving electricity heating wafer production line, full voltage heating, no pressure loss, the use of electricity, automatic temperature control, to ensure uniformity of cake color, quality and stability, is the factory's long-term hot products.
3. Liquefied gases, natural gas heating Granville Cake production line, two kinds of gas can be switched to use, industrial computer control touch Screen display working conditions, automatic temperature control, all kinds of alarm, protection facilities security, electricity is tight, increase the choice of hardship.
automatic wafer biscuits making machine in Bahrain

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