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Wafer biscuit oven from GELGOOG have two type heating ways

Publish Tina On 2016-12-06

The wafer biscuit oven is a very important equipment in the wafer production line. the wafer baking system uses electricity and gas type for heating of the baking can choose according to your requirement. the function of the baking oven is fully automatic from spreading batter on the plates through until baked wafer sheets come out of the oven. baking is even and produces good quality wafer sheets for next procedure.
 Oven is good metal insulation structure, beautiful appearance, equipped with grouting system, gas heating system, gas leakage alarm system, template transmission and connection device. burner with high energy-saving combustion technology, greatly improve the utilization rate of combustion. Double baking room insulation structure, make the pan in the upper and lower heating is more efficient in the hearth, furnace temperature uniformity.
 Gas system components adopt brand products at home and abroad, the engine bearings SKF, Germany should be used in high temperature bearings, motor, reducer using the German the SEW machine
Baking plate adopts the gray cast iron. Long service life, the best effect of heat energy, wafer cake uniform coloring built-in biscuit waste cleaning device
In PLC there is PID controller which is used for controlling the temperature of the baking plates automatically .the collection of required signal of PID is supplied by infrared sensor .the oven status display and the data reset are supplied by a touch screen, all motor have the starting current protection and thermal overload protection.
 Main Technical and Requirements:
1. The whole shell of the production line adopts 304 Stainless Steel in accordance with the health and safety standard.
2. The electricity and transmission components are all used Siemens ,Mitsubishi ,touch screen to control and adopts the International Brand Germany SEW,SKF to make the whole line steadily.
3. In according to the clients ' requirements, we can make a wide range of size and shape cream (chocolate) filled wafer biscuit full automatically.
wafer biscuit oven

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