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What is the Price of Wafer Biscuit Baking Oven?

Publish Tina On 2018-07-31

As a factory mainly engaged in manufacturing and exporting wafer biscuit machinery, our customers are all over the world. Usually, when they are looking for wafer biscuit baking oven, many customers will ask the price first. The price is high, the customer feels too much difference with the budget, there is no desire to talk about it; the price is low, it will give the customer the illusion that the quality of the machine is not good. Here we take the wafer biscuit baking oven and analyze how it got its price.
price of wafer biscuit baking oven
Prices are usually influenced by several factors, such as the materials used to make the machine, the process, the quality, the capacity, the power, the heating method, the voltage and so on. Here every factors may make the machine is different, the price of the production materials, for example, a machine is using 304 stainless steel, another is common materials used, because of corrosion resistant stainless steel material, not easy to rust, strong, long service life, so the price of the stainless steel machines are certainly higher than ordinary material machine, it is beyond doubt. Therefore, if you want the wafer biscuit baking oven, you can inform us of your specific requirements, such as heating method, production capacity, etc. We will give you a detailed quotation according to the requirements you provide, for your choice. We can also customize it if there is another requirement.

This wafer biscuit baking oven is mainly used for baking wafer biscuit sheet, baking plate adopts the gray cast iron. Long service life, the best effect of heat energy, wafer biscuit uniform coloring built-in biscuit waste cleaning device. It has electric heating and gas heating type. This machine is good metal insulation structure, beautiful appearance, equipped with grouting system, gas heating system, gas leakage alarm system, template transmission and connection device. Reliable performance, stable operation, long service life, all electrical machinery, equipment, PLC control, bearing all use well-known brands at home and abroad. Wafer biscuit baking oven's gas system components adopt brand products at home and abroad, the engine bearings SKF, Germany should be used in high temperature bearings, motor, reducer using the German the SEW machine. The machine has the characteristics of rational layout, compact structure, covers area is small; High automation, can independent operation equipment, and simple operation, convenient maintenance; Unique energy-saving design, low energy, can greatly reduce environmental pollution.
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