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Where Can Purchase Wafer Biscuit Cooling Machine?

Publish Tina On 2018-07-28

In the process of making wafer biscuit, there is a device which plays a very important role, that is wafer biscuit cooling machine. Where can purchase wafer biscuit cooling machine? Here i will introduce the machine. This wafer biscuit cooling machine, which is mainly used to reduce the temperature of the wafer biscuit sheet. The temperature of the biscuit is low, and it will not be too crisp, so that avoid wafer biscuit embrittlement in the process of coating, the phenomenon of defects in extrusion. It is an ideal equipmet for cooling wafer biscuits.
purchase wafer biscuit cooling machine
GELGOOG Machinery in the food machinery industry has many years of production and sales experience, we have high quality machinery and the best quality service, so that we are in the machinery industry reputation. This wafer biscuit cooling machine uses 304 stainless steel, stainless steel material corrosion-resistant, easy to wear, suitable for production in any environment. Wafer biscuit cooling machine is a natural cooling to reduce the thermal stress of the wafer biscuit, making the wafer biscuit in the back of the production process is not easy to break. 

The wafer biscuit cooling machine has different models, there are vertical cooling machine, also the shape of the arch of the machine, if you are interested in it, want to purchase it, or other machines of the production line, you can always contact us, we will give you the information you want to inform you.
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