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Automatic ice cream cone production line

Publish Tina On 2018-04-04

Although the summer is very hot, we can eat lots of delicious food to relieve summer heat. But, ice cream is one of the people's favorite food in  summer, the taste is very good, performance is very good. In order to meet customer demand, our company research and development of ice cream cone baking machine.
Ice cream cone can be customized according to the need of different customers. One machine can achieve the different appearance and different size about the ice cream cone. Ice cream cone can be customed according to the customer's requirements. The size of the cones can change across changing the cone mold. Even the ice cream cone appearance can also be selected.
ice cream cone production line
Ice cream cone production line Model A: There are two pieces of wafers on each baking plate. It can make the cones within145mm long, not include the angle, weight, thickness, figure and depth of the crisp bowl. And can design and make other models and specifications according to the different requirements from the client.
Features of Full Automatic Ice Cream Cone Production Line
1. Full automatic filling paste,baking,rolling and conveying-cooling-counting.
2. The same machine can make different products within round biscuit, sugar rolled cone, egg roll with changing the different forming devices.
3. Cone size within 145mm long can be customized according customer’s requirements, such as angle, width, depth, figure and thickness.
4. Electric heating and gas heating can be choose.
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