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Machine for Baking Ice Cream Cone Sold to Ireland

Publish Lisa On 2018-03-29

ice cream cone baking machine
An ice cream cone baking machine was sold to Ireland, our Ireland customer want to start an ice cream cone business, just the customer in China, we invited him to visit our company, and to show him our machine testing video and finished products, customers in the exchange process, is very interested in our machine, he said he wanted to take the ice cream cone business, we according to the specific requirements of his offer, recommended the a machine for him.

The ice cream cone baking  machine is a specialized equipment to produce the crisp ice cream cones, the finished product with high quality, delicious taste, crispy and delicious. The machine composed by ice cream cone baking machine, ice cream cone rolling machine and material storage tank.  The three parts are together working to produce the ice cream cones, the ice cream cone baking machine is used to bake the batter into cookie, the ice cream cone rolling machine is used to roll the cookie to cone or egg roll, use the different mould has a different effect, if you do not need the whole machine line, we also offer you a single machine for you. All according to your requirement. If you want to know more details and price, please email me
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