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Ice Cream Cone Baking Machine to Australia

Publish Lisa On 2018-04-03

The ice cream cone baking machine made by our company was sold to Australia, the machine is a good helper to make the different shapes and sizes ice cream cones. The machine is made up of 9 single roasters, automatic cutting, and after the ice cream cone is ripe, the machine is automatic open, simple operation, only one person, convenient and practical. The machine adopts high quality electrical components, temperature controller adopts infinitely temperature regulation, and temperature control is free. The ice cream cone has beautiful appearance, simple entrance, simple production, less investment and high return. It's very suitable for novice. Our customers are from Australia. She wants to start the ice cream cone business and make this crisp canister. The production is about 600 pieces hourly. In reference to her needs, we introduce a semi-automatic crisp canister, which is made up of a roaster and a coiling machine with a output of 650-800pcs/h per hour. The operation is simple, and we provide the guidance for customers to test video and operation process.
ice cream cone baking machine
The cone baking machine is a popular hot food product in the current food consumption market, and it is an ideal processing equipment for ice cream crispy egg tube. The cone color uniform, bright color, crisp and clean. Selection of high-quality formula, called the color and flavor of good for both young and old, to share the. The Yellow crisp egg rolls are popular foods for both urban and rural areas. They are popular with people because of their entrance, flavor, crisp taste and rich nutrition. It is suitable for market, supermarket, market and other business places. If you want to buy this one, please contact with me.
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