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Hot Selling Pizza Cone Forming Machine

Publish Lisa On 2018-03-30

pizza cone forming machine
The model pizza cone forming machine is of novel style, reasonable structure, made of stainless steel and strong and durable. It is certified by CE, ISO:9001-2008 and other international standards. The quality is stable, safe and reliable. The machine is easy to operate. It controls the temperature and the temperature through buttons to ensure that the sweet tube pizza is beautiful and complete. This pizza machine can produce 4 pizza canister at one time. It is the ideal device for baking the pizza canister. It is also the essential egg tube pizza equipment used by the big restaurants.

Our pizza cone maker machine is made of advanced technology and imported advanced technology and technology from Italy, with excellent equipment and few domestic products. The production process of pizza can be controlled by buttons, and it can be safely produced. The temperature is adjustable, and the temperature of the upper and lower die of the batch cylinder is adjusted according to different formulations. Instruction reminder: the automatic alarm device is installed in the sweet barrel pizza machine, the peripheral power indicator lamp and the mould core temperature indicating lamp. Emergency plan: the key to stop is to stop.
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