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Analysis of packaging materials of instant noodles

Publish Ellie On 2016-11-28

As a kind of instant foods, instant noodles can be seen on the market commonly, but its development has also been controversial. On the one hand, it is said that the ingredients of instant noodles are unhealthy, junk food, on the other hand, people also worry about the paper packaging of instant noodles is not safe, and it needs investigations on whether it will produce hazardous substances after heating.
In the layers of doubt, instant noodles manufacturers prove the safety of products through a variety of ways, although it is not a healthy green food, also can be digested after hours, causing obesity and health problems.
At the same time, it is also said that the development of instant noodles is not regarded as staple food for consumers, mainly in order to facilitate some of the emergencies or inconvenient to facilitate consumer demand.
so the problem of the packaging safety of instant noodles are discussed by consumers.
In people's daily understanding, plastic is not safe to be heated, so the use of plastic packaging of instant noodles also gives people a sense of insecurity. In this regard, the experts explained that there is a layer of plastic packaging inside the peritoneum, and the peritoneum is to ensure the safety of food, which is allowed in the developed countries. And generally speaking, when the instant noodles are heating, the temperature is up to 100 degrees in boiling water, which can guarantee the safety of it in such circumstance. What’s more, the packaging of instant noodles is completed by the automatic packaging machine, which can also reduce the damage of packaging materials and avoid the pollution brought by hands.
Even the imported food raw materials, it should be tested before production to ensure that raw materials do not contain heavy metals and other harmful substances, and it can enter the production process through the detection. In addition to raw materials, all products contact printing ink, accessories and other packaging materials should be tested before entering the production process.
The national standard is not perfect, so there should be scientific evidence on any additional materials and chemicals when the enterprise produces food or food packaging materials, or it is illegal. We hope that it can lead to the high attention of production enterprises, industry organizations, testing departments, standards, quality supervision departments, as well as the vast number of consumers.
We should improve standards, plugging loopholes, so that enterprises can produce in accordance with the standard, so that consumers can rest assured consumption!

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