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Advantages of Donut Production Line

Publish Serena On 2018-03-29

This donut production line consist of donut molding machine, automatic feeding conveyor, frying machine, automatic discharging conveyor, filter machine, dough mat, dough mixer machine, sheeter and also can be equipped with leaching syrup machine, chocolate coating line, and other special machine according customer’s demand. It is mainly used for making different sizes donuts with high quality.

donut production line for making donuts
Advantages of the donuts making machine
1. Accurate quality control of machine, from the molding to frying, all the details can be controlled very well. Final fried donuts with beautiful color and delicious taste. The weight of each donut weight can be adjusted, and size balanced.
2. Forming speed can be customized by customer’s requirement. Very convenient and easy to to control the whole line.
3. Fully automatic continuous production, from the molding, fermentation, frying to leaching syrup, all steps can achieve simultaneously, thus, can save manpower greatly.
4. Special shape can be designed according customer’s demand.
5. One worker can control the whole production line, save worker and improve the economic benefits.
6. The capacity of this producion line is about 400 pcd per hour.
7. Electric lift system to enhance the operation of a smooth, high security, workers can clean the machine easily; automatic smoke exhausting system to ensure that the workshop has a good working environment. Constant temperature continuous production process which ensure the final food fried uniform.
8. Whole machine is made of high quality stainless steel, durable, strong corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, strong applicability.

If you are interested with our donuts production line, please email me for the machine price and details.
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