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How to Make Donuts by Machine?

Publish Lisa On 2017-02-27

The GELGOOG company developed donuts making machine is suitable for producing all kinds of donuts. New product structure compact, comprehensive function. Production process: After good batter into the hopper, molding head to generate a certain size of doughnuts, and expansion in the process of frying, the conveyor belt to deliver good fried doughnuts to after cooling cooling dish, and then pour the syrup, the donuts are finished. Fully automatic assembly line production process, easy operation, low cost.

The conuts maker machine features:
1,use the stainelss steel material which could reach international food grade standard.
2,Fully automatic,highly save labor.Automatic  molding, automatic blanking, automatic frying, automatic output,  automatic temperature control function, automatically turn cake.
3,could produce 3-10cm donuts.
4,it is the newest type,could contain more material and the oil tank is more width.

We have different styles,producing mini doughnut, middle doughnut, and large doughnut (to make the thick or thin doughnuts ,you just adjust the inside diameter to do ).
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