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China Biscuit Making Machine

Publish Lisa On 2017-02-28

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Manufacturers selling biscuits equipment, from with dough mix, feeding,  forming, transportation, waste recycling, baking, fuel injection, cooling, and packing and so on all mechanical and electrical integration finished automatically, arbitrary adjustable the thickness of biscuits, mechanical operation speed can be fast or slow and stepless speed regulation, and automatic temperature control, a series of advanced devices such as leakage automatic power-off alarm. All kinds of toughness, crisp walnut cake, cookies, crackers, biscuit machine can produce, can form a complete set of all kinds of biscuit production line. The function of the biscuit machine is to mix the dough into the machine, roller into various shape and weight of the biscuit, a molding, baking, fuel injection, cooling to produce golden delicious and crisp cookies, biscuits and pattern can according to customer's favorite any replacement. Simple operation, less investment, is one of the ideal equipment to food processing factory investment. Can also according to customers' special requirements to produce different specifications.

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