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Why Pillow Packaging Machine Can Not Cut Off Film

Publish Serena On 2017-02-17

The vegetable pillow type packaging machine wildly used in the many fields, and make a great contribution for people. During the working process, the pillow packaging machine may appear some problems, and one big problem may infulence the packaging efficiency directly.
 vegetable pillow type packaging machine manufacturer
As a new businessmen, this problem may influence the whole packaging speed and reduce the economic benefits.
There are some reasons, why the pillow packaging machine can not cut off the film?

Reason 1:
The temperature of knife is unstable:
The temperature of knife is not very high also can influence the cutting efficiency. Thus, try to increase the temperature of machine, and keep about two or three minutes, which can reduce this condition greatly. If the packaged products appear the fold condition, that means the temperature is too high or the packaging speed is slow. So, checking the temperature also is one important work for the new businessmen.
Reason 2:
Spiral pole is loosing:
After long time using of machine, the spiral pole may appear the loosing condition. We need to test knife on the top of the screw clockwise tone two or three laps. After testing, opeing the machine, the problem may be solved.  
Reason 3:
Cutting knife is not sharp enough:
In general, the cutting knifes may appear the attrited phenomenon during using. Once the
Machine knife blunt, it may influence the packaging speed greatly.
Try to sharping the knife frequently can keep knife’s sharp, which is more easy to achieve the whole packing work.
If these methods can not solved this problem, that means that your machine’s knife need to be change. Machine knifes should be made a good maintenance, only this way can extend its service life. 

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