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Customer Learning Operation Ice Cream Cone Machine

Publish Lisa On 2017-12-28

The ice cream cone baking machine is made up of 9 baking plates. According to the different output, we have different number of baking plates. The machine can automatically cut and automatically bake. After the chips are ripe, the lid of the baking tray will automatically open, and the operation of one person is convenient and practical. Using the high quality electrical components, the temperature control device adopts the non - temperature adjustment, and the temperature control is free. The ice cream cone appearance is beautiful, the entrance is crisp, the production simple investment is few, the return is high.
The sugar cone baking machine is an ideal processing tool for the ice-cream crisp canister, which is the best selling machine in the current food market. The egg roll color uniform, bright color, crisp and clean. Selection of high-quality formula, called the color and flavor of good for both young and old, to share the. The cone yellow crisp is a popular food in urban and rural areas for all ages, with its entrance, rich flavor, crisp taste, rich nutrition and loved by the people. It is suitable for cake room, bakery, restaurant and other business places.
ice cream cone baking machine
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