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Supply Wafer Production Line to Italy

Publish Lisa On 2017-12-29

Wafer biscuit with fresh, pure, amylopectin, sticky glutinous rice as main material; the oil by alkali refining, bleaching, deodorization, hydrogenated become smooth and no smell, white sugar; ground into fine powder additives to high purity. This food is very popular in the world, our company is mainly produce this kind of wafer production line to make the wafer biscut with high quality.
high quality wafer production line
This time, our wafer biscuit making machine was sold to Italy, our customer has a wafer biscuit factory in his country, and in order to expand production, he decided to eliminate some old machines. The machine is main consists of mixer machine, wafer heating oven, wafer cooling machine, wafer forming and cutting machine, cream coating machine, wafer biscuit crusher machine, etc. The machine has many models, and the capacity is also different, so if you want to choose, we can suggest. And our heating oven has electric and gas heating type, choose it can be based on the local situation.

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