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Pizza Cone Making Machine Advantages

Publish Lisa On 2017-12-27

The automatic pizza cone making machine is mainly composed of two parts of a pizza forming machine and an automatic rotary oven, as well as a display cabinet. The whole equipment using stainless steel material manufacturing, the appearance of novel generous layout design, reasonable structure, high precision, more stable operating performance; high efficiency; button operation, timing system, accurate control, the number of rotating baking functions make the operation more smoothly, more convenient and efficient!
pizza cone making machine
The pizza cone forming machine has many features, they are:
1. mold material of the machine is aluminum, the surface is an insulating material to prevent the sticking tube.
2. batch of cartridge die sizes: 68mm x 140mm x 5mm
3. can adjust the temperature of the upper and lower modes according to the needs of the guests
4. can adjust the upper and lower die temperature of the cartridge mold according to the different formula
5. the machine equipped with automatic alarm device.
pizza cone heating oven
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