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The Brief Introduction Of Peanut Brittle Making Machine

Publish Lisa On 2017-08-07

peanut brittle making machine

The peanut brittle making machine is mainly consist of peanut peeling machine, peanut roaster, sugar pot cooking machine, molding machine, cutting machine, etc. Peanut peeling machine is suitable for processing various kinds of peanut and almond etc. Automatic peanut roaster is made of metal. It is a monomer furnace. It has a simple structure and is easy to operate. It is mainly used in candy, rice cake, beverage, pharmaceutical and other treatments. Peanut shaped cutting machine is mainly used for food processing such as peanut candy and sesame candy.

Advantages of the peanut candy machine:
1. Peanut peeling machine has stable and reliable performance, long service life, high peeling rate, high productivity, good quality, etc.
2. Automatic peanut roaster, working temperature can be controlled well because it has automatic temperature controller.
3. The cooking pot has a large heating area, high efficiency, uniform heating, short boiling time and easy to control the heating temperature.
4. This shaping cutter, reciprocating pressing plate, automatic cutting, simple operation, cutting finished product size, uniform weight.

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