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Ice Cream Cone Machine Video Of Manufacturing Process

Publish Lisa On 2017-07-31

Ice cream cone machine is a important equipment in our company, we sold the machine to many countries, In order to facilitate the customer to after buy the machine to be able to operate the machine skillfully, we specially made some test machines video, this is provide to our customers, here is an ice cream cone machine video. 

The working process of ice cream cone maker machine:
1. This ice cream cone machine is divided into the upper die and lower die.
2. When the ice cream cone maker machine's using through the temperature control knob, the temperature first tune up, the temperature rose up after the upper die to pull up and lower mold together and pour into pastes. 
3. And then on the molding under the mold close, the ice cream cone maker machine was about one or two minutes later, the cone can shape, and the upper die to pull up under the mold opened.
4. Then the cone will automatically fall into the followingand slide channel.
ice cream cone maker machine

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