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The Working Video Of Peanut Candy Production Line

Publish Lisa On 2017-08-08

peanut candy automatic making
The peanut candy production line is very equipment to make peanut candy, sachima, sesame, careal bar and so on, this video is show you the working video of sachima, and this machine is also can make peanut candy.
1. The shapes produced can be various, for instance, round type, round bar, square type, semi-circle type, triangular type and blossom type;
2. Mechanical soft pressure will not damage nut particles with more elegant molding. Direct mould pressing and molding can be free from rework, which saves materials cost and wastes;
3. The whole machine is in mechanical transmission instead of pneumatic pump; positioning is precise;
4. Converter with high performance is equipped, which makes speed regulating more convenient, efficiency high and performance stable; 24-h successive production in high speed is accessible;
5. All the moulds and hoppers have been conducted with anti-stick disposal;
6. All the links contacting the goods are the nonpoisonous and harmless materials which are oil and high temperature resistance;
7. The length of the cooling conveying links can be changed or cooling fan can be equiped based as requirement.
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