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Commercial Cream Mixing Machine In China

Publish Lisa On 2017-03-07

cream mixer
GELGOOG Machinery company supply multi-functional food mixer, mixing equipment, egg-breaking machine, mixer, dough mixer, food machinery and equipment. If you need, please feel free to contact with us.

Product introduction: Cream mixer is a advanced equipment by carefully designed and produced, it by using the principle of the planetary motion, the mixer in a VAT of planetary motion, to make the food mix evenly. Its characteristic is working stable, multi-function, convenient operation, high working efficiency, and  suitable for sweet factory, food factory, pastry shop, also for the pharmaceutical, chemical raw materials such as unit and used as raw material for modulation.

The part of contact food is made of high quality stainless steel, machine operation is simple, convenient cleaning, in line with food hygiene standards. High efficiency, low noise, durable. All parts materials use the international famous brand, has a long service life.
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