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How to Choose Ice Cream Cone Baking Machine?

Publish Lisa On 2017-03-09

ice cream cone
The product ice cream cone baking machine is used for making ice cream cone, but the ice cream cone is not rolling, the machine is to ut the egg liquid bakeed into thin biscuit. The ice cream cone baking machine adopts PLC program control automatically, automatic quantitative grouting at a constant speed, automatic baking temperature control, automatic opening, pad plate, thickness and weight are consistent; Equipment to realize automatic would function, can record the actual production, convenient management. Adopts frequency control of motor speed control, the customer can adjust themselves according to the needs of practical production, greatly improve production efficiency.

The operation is simple, can one person operating at the same time. Beautiful appearance generous, easy to clean, practical health. If you want to roll the baked food with automaticlly, you can equipped with an ice cream rolling machine, become to a simple ice cream cone processing line, saving tima and labor, high capacity, high efficiency. Want to purchase it? Please feel free to contact with us.
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