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The Information of Sandwich Biscuit Maker Machine

Publish Lisa On 2018-02-28

sandwich biscuit
This machine is a set of sandwich biscuit machine, which is mainly used for adding cream, jam and chocolate to make sandwich biscuit, taste is more rich, biscuit machine is suitable for making long, square, round and other kinds of biscuits. But also can be customized double color, monochrome or double layer biscuit sandwich. The machine appearance beautiful and tidy, high production efficiency, safety and health, is the production of middle and high grade sandwich biscuit ideal equipment.          

The main performance of biscuit making machine:         
1, the main components are made of stainless steel, meet the health standards, people eat safe  and secure.           
2, using color touch screen control, simple operation, accurate.          
3, high precision intelligent PLC control, stable and reliable performance.           
4, material thickness by electric control, more accurate positioning.           
5, gaxinbingan automatic stacking function can have multiple choices, to meet customer requirements.           
6, mechanical design more flexible, each link can be operated independently, the operation is more convenient. Photoelectric control.           

The most important thing is that the machine can be used together with the biscuit packaging machine to achieve the continuous production of sandwich biscuits. Save time and effort, not waste material. If you want to know more information, please contact.
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