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Production Process of Sesame Candy

Publish Lisa On 2016-12-19

Sesame candy is our traditional products, unique flavor, taste sweet and crisp, not only is the children's favorite food, adults also love to eat. Sesame candy processing method by sesame candy machinery is simple, suitable for rural family production.

sesame candy machine

Making sesame candy include these steps.
1,The good malt with the same amount of water in grinding machine grinding into mash.

2, Liquefied corn:put the corn and water into the pot, with 30 degrees warm water to open, with the fire to boil, and stir with a shovel properly. Simmer for 5 to 6 minutes to simmer. If millet or rice, should be soaking and steaming. Add warm water to the mash.

3,Glycosylated: put the ingredients into a large cylinder, add water, when the temperature dropped to 75 degrees Celsius, the prior preparation of malt pulp into the cylinder, the temperature dropped to 60. Allowed to fluctuate between 50 and 60 degrees C, but not more than 60. About 6 to 8 hours of time.

4,The filter bag filter with saccharification finished porridge, bean curd can also be modeled hanging way, the white four angle filtering, squeezing lift after adding warm water filters, filter net so far. Slurry slag can be used as feed.

5,Second times the filtered syrup into a clean pot, began to boil sugar. The furnace should be big small. Sugar process can be added to the right amount of sugar, the amount of added according to the different materials used. General millet rice sugar because of low yield can be more, less sugar and corn. Add white sugar products can not only increase the sweetness, yield can also increase, reduce the cost. In the process of making use of the shovel to stir continuously, in order to prevent paste pot.

6,Pull sugar: the pot inside brush vegetable oil (anti stick), with a shovel shovel in the sugar bowl, scoop net, pot add a small amount of water, boil, let the steaming, filled the room, can play the function of heat preservation, the sugar in the pot frame, began to pull sugar.

7,Sticky sesame seeds: the fried sesame peeled, you can use the. Sugar appearance sticky, immediately into the basket filled with sesame seeds, with a small spoon sprinkled with a layer of peeling sesame seeds, after a little clean up on the packaging can be listed. 

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