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Production Process Of Wafer Production Line

Publish Lisa On 2018-01-24

wafer biscuit making machine
Wafer biscuit, also named waffles, waffle biscuit. Fresh, pure, amylopectin and sticky glutinous rice were used as main materials. The oils and fats were refined by alkali, deodorized, decolored, hydrogenated, greasy, smooth, odorless and white, and white granulated sugar was finely ground to fine powder. The purity of additives was high. The wafer production line according to the technological process and production needs, the main equipment are as follows:
1. The beating machine, including monochromatic or double color beating and pumping units;
2, Heating oven, including monochromatic or double color slurry series;
3. Molding machine
4. Cooling machine
5. The cream coating machine, with single and double flavour, is mainly composed of reciprocating and overturning.
6, Transition conveyor;
7. Wafer biscuit cutting machine;
8. Cream mixer;
9, Wafer biscuits smashing machine;
10, Wafer biscuit packaging machine
wafer production line
The company mainly produces food complete processing equipment, including the biscuit production line, the ice cream cone production line, as well as the supporting processing and packaging equipment. The products are sold to more than 50 countries, and high quality products have won the praise of the users. We not only provide professional production equipment, but also set up a perfect after-sales service system.
Wafer production line is the basis of advanced structure of similar products at home and abroad on the design and development of a new generation of products, exclusive domestic development, it successfully solves the problem of high production cost, the problem of surface color biscuits wafer production.

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