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The Development Course of Egg Tarts

Publish Lisa On 2018-01-18

Egg tart, I believe everyone is not unfamiliar, this dessert has been very popular with young people, and egg tarts handsome in the shape of beautiful, egg tart market has been very good, in order to meet customer demand, egg tart machine is undoubtedly the appearance of the egg tart manufacturer of a gospel. How much do you know some origins and development of egg tarts? Here is the history of egg tarts.
egg tart skin
Lauramason in the Britain of traditional Foods, the British had used milk, sugar, eggs and spices to produce food like egg tarts in the Middle Ages. The egg tart is also one of the sixth banquets in China's 17th century banquet.
Although egg tarts are welcomed by the people of Hong Kong, they are still very short in Hong Kong history. According to amateur Hong Kong history scholar Hao Textual research, in the 1920 's Guangzhou, the major department stores are fiercely competitive, in order to attract customers, department store chefs every week to design a "week beauty point" to attract, the egg tart is at this time in Guangzhou.
In the era of the introduction of egg tarts in Hong Kong, there has been no accurate year, and it has been said that since the 1940, the Hong Kong bakery has emerged as egg tarts, and in the 1950 to 1980 the majority of tea restaurants. At the beginning of the Tea restaurant egg tarts are relatively large, an egg tart can become an afternoon tea meal. The taste is sweet and mellow, soft and delicious. Since the beginning of the 1990, the tea restaurant has been gradually reduced, it is only in the old tea restaurants have their own baked egg tarts, and other tea restaurants from the bakery ordering egg tarts. On the other hand, many of the snacks in Hong Kong also include egg tarts (small egg tarts). There are also suitable for weight loss of the egg tart, egg pulp is made of protein.
egg tart maker machine
Now more and more people use the egg tart maker machine to make the egg tarts, and the machine can make the different shapes and sizes of egg tarts, it improves production efficiency, and the capacity is large, suitable for commercial using.
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