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How to Make Egg Tart Shell?

Publish Lisa On 2018-01-22

This article is to teach you how to make egg tart skin,it has handmade and egg tart maker machine making.

One is handmade, prepare 135 grams of low gluten flour, high gluten flour 15 grams, 20 grams of butter (or butter), and cream 125 grams, 75 grams of water, these are made egg tart leather material, this kind of food not only has the advantages of simple preparation and high quality and inexpensive raw materials. Pour out the material other than marigold into a large container, add a little water and make a smooth smooth dough with a lobule. Then wrap the preservative film for 30 minutes. Between the Ma cream packed in a plastic bag or on the 2 layer of plastic wrap, with a rolling pin it flat, or with a knife cut into pieces together and then roll, roll into a approximately 5 mm thick square piece.
egg tart shell making machine
Two is machine making, choose the high quality egg tart machine, you can make the high quality egg tarts with different shapes and sizes, the machine can make the tart shell with high efficiency, egg tart size, shape is consistent, without damage. And the machine can change the moulds to make different egg tart, this machine reduces the cost for you. It is the ideal equipment for making egg tart shell.

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