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Wafer Cone Maker Production Process Video

Publish Lisa On 2018-01-11

Wafer cone maker introduction:
The wafer cone making machine is made of flour as raw materials. It is an ideal device for making ice cream or other containers or containers similar to food. The mould of this series of ice cream cone is interchangeable, and the same mould can be used on all series of machine tools. By changing the mold, you can produce cones of different sizes and shapes. This machine humanized design, convenient operation, convenient and practical.

The wafer cone machine design humanization, simple operation, the machine is divided into the upper die and lower die part, uses the temperature control knob, operation, to adjust temperature, temperature rise, such as on the upper die and lower die, pour material, then the upper die, will merge with the lower die after a minute or two, into a cone, the upper die, mould parts under, the cone will automatically fall into the following slider and sliding out.
wafer cone maker

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