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Peanut Brittle Machine Advantages

Publish Lisa On 2018-01-15

Peanut brittle machine is a main equipment, it is mainly used for making different sizes peanut candy bar, there are many advantages of the machine. Peanut candy machine made of high quality stainless steel 304, the machine line consists of a number of machines, including the main peanut peeling machine, baking machine, boil sugar pot, mixing mixer, peanut cutting machine, forming machine, packaging machine and so on.
One of the peanut candy cutting machine is widely used to cut, peanut candy, sesame candy, sachima, bovine sugar, etc., the machine's biggest advantages of easy operation, save 7-8 Artificial, cut the peanut sugar size, uniform length, grams of consistency, and small error. 
peanut brittle machine
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