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New Forming and Cutting Machine for Peanut Candy

Publish Lisa On 2018-02-27

peanut candy forming machine

The peanut candy forming and cutting machine adopts the design of intermittent feeding, automatic pressing pole when sawing, finished product thickness can be adjusted (according to your needs), the finished product by cutting out with uniform thickness, smooth section, unified specifications, finished cutting after cooling by itself in the transmission process, no adhesion between the finished product. Our products are sold to all over the world,the use of the machine users to reflect peanut candy belongs to traditional food, has a vast market, subject to the traditional cutting method, the capacity is small, difficult to unified specifications, fine packaging pieces because each product size is not uniform, smooth, fragile and other reasons the effect is not good, only to the bulk sale, and the price is difficult to improve. This production can be improved by using peanut forming and cutting machine, reduce the number of need workers, unified products specifications, quality improvement, after each piece of fine packaging, improve the grade, profits increased by more than 50% per catty.  

Automatic peanut candy forming and cutting machine specifications: molding machine:length 1.88M, width 1.11M, high 1.16M; cutting machine:length 3.2M, width 0.8M, high 1.2M. Power supply using 220V ordinary power supply or 380V power supply, the user can choose their own.

Application:This machine is mainly used for the production of eggs, diced potato crisp, forming caramel treats, rice candy, peanut candy and other cereals products.Our company also provide related food machinery production line or single machines.You can think about it.
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