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Method of Making Peanut Candy

Publish Lisa On 2018-02-22

peanut candy making
Peanut Candy
is an ancient traditional snack. The use of clean peanuts, sucrose, liquid glucose, (that is, chemical caramel) made. Peanut sugar sweet and crisp, inexpensive, is the vast number of consumers are extremely fond of one of the food. According to the procedure different peanut sugar also divided into butter peanut candy, o-flavored peanut candy, sesame peanut candy, but summer humid and sultry. Sugar prone to sand adhesion or mildew, not more production. Here i will introduce you how to make the peanut candy.

The steps of making peanut candy:
1. First, baked peanuts peeled, then peeled peanut temperature will drop down, does not matter, in the baking sugar oven, 100 degrees below insulation
2. Put oil in the pot, when the oil is hot, turn into sugar, boiling water, maltose, boiled to use chopsticks stained with sugar liquid can be pulled out of the silk, and after the cold water to become very brittle not sticky teeth on it.
3. Heat the oven with peanuts and 50 grams of sesame seeds into the pot, quickly stir evenly
4. Mix the peanut sugar into the baking pan, because the peanut sugar is very sticky, pour on the oil paper and sprinkle on the surface of the remaining cooked sesame, sprinkled with sesame, easy to form, will not adhere to the tool, quick with a shovel light pressure, the surface does not have to press the flat, loose bond together, the whole into a uniform thickness of the box can be, cut it hot, don't break it.

People who like peanut candy, you can try at home, if you do not want to make at home, want to do business, we also have peanut candy making machine for you to choose, you can make large production, high-quality peanut candy.
peanut candy making machine


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