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Full Automatic Sugar Cone Maker Machine Shipped to Kosovo

Publish Lisa On 2018-02-11

Kosovo guests bought one set of full automatic sugar cone maker machine from our company. This machine is specially designed to make high quality crispy ice cream cone, and the output is large. The ice cream cone is not broken, it taste fragrant, crisp and delicious, and it is very popular. The customer sent us the length and angle of the ice cream cone that he want to make. We made several quotations according to the requirements he provided, and the customer was very satisfied and then chose the suitable one.
sugar cone machine
The following is the features of the ice cream cone machine:
1. The machine made of high quality stainless steel 304, make sure the food more safety and health.
2. It has many different and large capacity, suitable for ice cream factory and other food processing factories.
3. High degree of automation, easy to operate, easy to clean.
4. It produce the cones with high speed, saving time and energy.
5. The machine can produce the ice cream cones with different sizes, it can also customized.

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