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Processing equipment to improve the foundation for biscuit industry sustainable development

Publish Tina On 2016-12-14

In recent years, the international trade status of biscuit industry has not been very ideal, import and export quantity is not big, always compared with the industry scale, almost negligible, has less impact on industry as a whole run trend. However, after many years of accumulation and development, many backbone enterprise in the industry level of production equipment, testing and production environment has greatly improved, standardized management consciousness gradually enhanced, to guarantee the quality of the product laid a good foundation, also provide the market with more, better and safer biscuits products created prerequisites, for the industry's sustainable development laid a solid foundation.

wafer biscuit production line

In recent years, in the country to strengthen the management of food safety policy guidance, the relevant government departments, under the supervision of the food security concept and consciousness. Provide consumers with safe, high-quality biscuits products has become the industry consensus.
Nearly two years, the economic development of our country entered from rapid growth to rapid growth in the new normal. "New normal" scientific understanding of the current situation is the central party committee, the tendency of accurate analysis, based on the economic development presents new characteristics and new trend of new judgment. Meet the new normal, to adapt to the new normal, leading the new normal, China's economic development is the current and future a period of great logic, is also a need to keep learning all the members of biscuit industry and understand the core issues.

More down-to-earth the biscuit industry in our country at present, the development trend of good, as long as we always uphold the integrity of business philosophy, in the new norm and the new food safety situation, slowly but surely, pay close attention to and earnestly implement the relevant standards and policies and regulations, biscuit industry can be healthy and sustainable development in our country.

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