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The shrink packaging machine for sale

Publish Ellie On 2018-03-19

As we all know, the packaging of products is getting more and more important as the development of society. Generally speaking, the packaging of products can be divided into internal packaging and external packaging. In a word, the function of packaging is to protect the product form damages. The automatic packaging machine consists of filling packaging machine, granule packaging machine and vacuum packaging machine, shrink packaging machine and so on. Do you know something about the shrink packaging machine, and it is considered to be an important tool in many fields.

The shrink packaging machine can shrink automatically and perfectly, and products packed by this machine can be sealed, anti-moist, which is suitable for several materials packaging and tray packaging. There are several diversifications about the shrink packaging machine:
1. Heat shrink packaging machine. It adopts PCL and control screen which is controlled by the automatic computer.
2. Tableware shrink packaging machine. It is used to pack table ware in particular.
3. Food shrink packaging machine. It is suitable for chemical, food, beverage, candy, stationery, and daily necessaries.
automatic shrink packaging machine
As for the heat shrink packaging machine, there are several aspects that you need to pay attention to if you are using this shrink packaging machine.
1. The input power supply must greater than the normal power of contraction on the nameplate, or it will be easy to burn the line or electrical components.
2. Each machine shipped with a cable connected to the power line, and the end of portion line of the identification code with a power lead must be connected correctly, illegal operation may cause electric shock.
3. Machine must be installed horizontally, otherwise it will shorten the life of heating pipe.
4. When the machine is working, hands and other parts of the operating personnel are not allowed to contact with the operating parts of this machine.
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