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Do you know the common chili sauce processing machines?

Publish Ellie On 2016-11-17

Whether you admit it or not, Chinese people are more and more inclined to prefer spicy food, and eating spicy hobby is expanding territory, and after 2000, it become the first taste of the Chinese people. It is understood that although the Shaxian snacks have replaced the status of Sichuan snacks in many places, in recent years this flavor is not advocating the flavor of spicy, but also had to put chili sauce on the table.
Because of the seasonal harvest of pepper, many countries have developed different processing methods in order to eat pepper at any time through the whole year. Of course, the chili sauce is one of the products, which is invented by original person but popular among consumers. The chili sauce is a kind of condiment with special taste, and it has a wide market base, and the economic value of it can’t be ignored.
With the development of times, the traditional chili sauce making method can’t meet the market demand any longer. The intelligent times of chili processing industry is coming with the universal of machines in this period. More and more machines related to it begin to appear on the market.
Chili milling machine
Chili milling machine is a kind of chili processing machine, which is used to grind chili. When the chili milling machine is running, the motor drives the bearing and turbine rotating with a high speed.
Chili filling machine
Chili sauce filling machine is widely used in a variety of semi-liquid containing particles, paste, sauces filling, and it can also be filling a variety of viscous body. The equipment is equipped with automatic stirring function, the structure is simple, the precision is high, the operation is simpler, the filling valve is controlled by the pneumatic valve, the filling accuracy is higher, and the filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted arbitrarily.
Chili sauce packaging machine
Chili sauce packaging machine for packaging a certain viscosity of the viscous paste items such as: chili sauce, balsam, hair cream, jam, butter and a variety of cream drugs. Products used in the packaging materials for the composite materials, such as: paper / polyethylene, cellophane / polyethylene, polyester / aluminum / polyethylene, BOPP thin touch, and so on.
All machines which are used for processing chili are automatic, thanks to the development of food machinery industry. In order to better serve customers, the automatic packing machine industry should insist on making progress all the time through constant innovations.
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