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Can you figure out the chili and tomato sauce?

Publish Ellie On 2016-11-17

packaging machine
packaging machine
If I do not tell you which one is tomato sauce and which one is chili sauce, can you figure out? Generally speaking, the tomato sauce looks like chili sauce very much, and many people are unable to distinguish one from other another if only with a picture.
As a matter of fact, both the tomato sauce and chili sauce are very important condiments in our daily life, which are widely used in many fields. If people like eating noodles or dumplings, the chili sauce is an essential material for consumers; if people like eating potato chips, the tomato sauce also can’t be separated from it.
With the development of food packaging industry, the small packaging foods are more and more popular on the market. People are willing to accept the sauce with a nice packaging to a great extent. All sauces can be packaged with the packaging machine.
packaging machine.
This sauce packaging machine adopts correcting system controlled by microcomputer, owing to a response signal, it can accomplish synchronization, sack length, positioning fixing, and fault diagnose automatically.
This packaging machine is suitable for liquid, paste and sauce, and paste semi-fluid. There are several characteristics of this machine:
1.       Bag measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting automatically.
2.       The computer controlled stepper motor pulls bags, regardless of length or cursor tracking bag, without air coming in the bag in any step.
3.       Temperature independent PID control, more suitable for packaging materials.
4.       It can be connected with other device perfectly.
Just as the expert points out that the food with a good packaging will be the inevitable trend in the future, so no matter what products you are manufacturing, choosing a suitable packaging machine is always the key factor for you to expand the marker share.
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