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The origin of the ice cream

Publish Tina On 2016-12-05

During the yuan dynasty, a smart grocery merchants a whim, he tried to add some honey and milk in ice and pearl powder, as a result, they produced the world's oldest ice cream.
The 13th century, the world famous Italian explorer Marco Polo returned to Italy, back to the ice cream in China. A king in 1500, France and Italy, a member of the royal wedding, ice cream again by the descendants of Italy of France. The French in practice, on the basis of original increased a lot of new ingredients. In 1625, he ascended the throne, New England's king Charles I, can eat to this summer food, had hired a cook to make ice cream, and ask the chef to ice cream recipe strictly confidential.
Around 1700, the ice cream from America. America's first total around George Washington on the new technology of fondness. At that time, ice cream production also is very not easy. People want to eat the food in the summer, have to to take ice in the river in the winter, put them in the storage in the sawdust. Ice cream is still a silver spoon in his mouth. In 1846, the United States of a woman in a winter name is Nancy Johnson of complex process was improved, created a hand crank refrigerating machine, to make ice cream production process more simple and easy. In 1851, the American firm kapoor, firth self Baltimore, Maryland in the United States launched the nation's first ice cream production factory.
Ice cream cone is one part of the ice cream.
Do you know how to make ice cream cone?
Ice cream cone making machine can solve the question.
ice cream cone making machine
The ice cream cone making machine is driven by the 3phase power and baking oven is heating with gas(natural gas or liquid gas)
The producing ability is very high and it is all automatic from spraying the batter, baking, forming,falling off from molds,conveying products,stacking and counting.

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