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The pattern technology of food machinery industry

Publish Ellie On 2016-11-17

Recently, the Premier Li keqiang put forward the new policy concept that the innovation and pattern of technology should be paid attention. Intellectual property right plays an important role in innovation, while the policy measures of the government and some regions are reflected the significance of intellectual property right for promoting innovations. Many enterprises of China food machinery industry are suffering from insufficient protection of intellectual property right, so the development of the industry has been influenced to a certain extent. In recent years, the government began to enhance the protection of intellectual property, so there is a guarantee added as for the food machinery enterprises who are attaching great importance to pattern technology.
As an enterprise specializing in food machinery industry, the GELGOOG COMPANY is always putting emphasis on technology and innovation, especially in automatic packaging machine.
In terms of automatic packaging machine in the company, there are several types packaging machine available for consumers. The hot sale packaging machines are vacuum packaging machine, granule packaging machine, biscuit packing machine, noodles packaging machine and so on.
In fact, the protection of intellect property rights refers to all walks of life, especially for the industry depending on quality and technology. As an expert in the food machinery, the GELGOOG COMPANY always attaches great importance on quality and innovation, so the machine out of the factory which is delivered into our customers should be in line with the quality standards in the company, in order to reflect the brand image of the company.
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