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The history of toothpick

Publish Ellie On 2016-11-08

   Toothpick is a small wooden or bamboo, which is used to remove debris from the teeth. The toothpick existing on the market is made of wood, but there are some kinds that are made of metal, which accounts for a small proportion. In China, the toothpick was mainly used as bookmark in the ancient times, while not used for removing debris.
  As an important sanitary tool, the toothpick has a history of more than 2000 years. However, because it small voltage and the feature of burning into ashes, there are little evidences about the invention of toothpicks.
  The toothpick is considered to originate from China together with chopstick for a long time, as people think that China pays attention to the food culture very much. Now that the chopstick is originated from China, then the relevant product toothpick is also invented by Chinese. On the contrary, it’s said that the original place of toothpick is India, and it may related to the knowledge from Shakya Muni. When teaching, Shakya Muni found that there were debris and smell in the mouth of his students, so the toothpick was invented based on this legend.
  In the modern times, the toothpick is still thought to be an important tool, and the patent for the first toothpick making machine was applied by Silas Noble and J. P. Cooley. Now that the toothpick making machine is invented, how can there without toothpick packaging machine.
  With the rapid development of automatic packing machines, the toothpick packaging machine also tends to be automatic and intelligent.
automatic packing machine
  The automatic single toothpick packing machine is used to pack toothpick with paper automatically, and it has the advantage of speed controlled by frequency inverter, feeding toothpick, sealing, counting automatically, as well as high frequency. It adopts water character ink printing by flexographic plate, and able to print both sides, and the length of toothpick depends on customer’s requirement.
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