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Do you like to drop tomato paste when eating potato chips?

Publish Ellie On 2016-11-08

  As the development of catering industry is speeding up, the classification of foods is diversified step by step. In terms of the fast food industry, the MacDonald, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Dicos are the representatives, with the characteristics of fast and convenient services, so they are expending the market in the global range. If you often go to these shops, it is not difficult for you to find that there is one common food that provided by them, that is, the potato chips, so have it ever occurred to you to notice the significance of tomato paste?
automatic packing machine
automatic packing machine
  As a matter of fact, the tomato paste is often packed with a small bag for the sake of cleanness and health. The tomato paste is made of fresh tomato though pressing and grinding, and is a special condiment in the food industry. Generally speaking, the tomato paste is not eaten directly, but as a seasoning for cooking or snacks.
  In addition to tomato red pigment, there are plenty of vitamin B, dietary fiber, minerals, protein and natural pectin in the potato paste, compared with the fresh tomato, the nutrient elements are easier for people to absorb. As for the bag tomato paste, it is usually used as a condiment for potato chips. When eating potato chips in a store, the tomato paste can’t be separated for it, as most consumers like tomatoes for the nutrients, the tomato paste will not be refused by consumers.
automatic packing machine
  With the diversification of automatic packing machine, most tomato pastes on the market are packed by this sauce packing machine. This paste packaging machine is suitable for tomato paste, pepper sauce, skin lotion, cosmetic cream, fruit juice and so on. It can finish conveying bag, bag making, filling, weighting, sealing, cutting, counting at one time, so there is no need to manufacturers to arrange workers to do the work. The packaging volume can be adjusted according to different products.
  A better observation of market opportunity is the key factor for enterprises to expand the market and make profits, as long as the potato chips are still popular among consumers at least, the prospect of tomato paste will still be brilliant in the future. Don’t you want to grasp the business opportunity?
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