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Wafer biscuit cutting machine - the important machine in the process of wafer biscuit production

Publish Tina On 2016-11-08

  Wafer biscuit with fresh, pure, many branched chain starch and high viscosity of glutinous rice as the main ingredient; Used oil, by alkali refining, flavor, bleaching, hydrogenated became bored with sliding, no odor, white; Sugar mill into fine powder; Additive to high purity.
  Wafer common point is actually a waffle, it is a kind of modeling is very simple, taste is also very good a biscuit . What matcha taste a variety of flavor, creamy taste of all kinds. Had friends all know that it is very crisp, there are layers of sandwich, a eat into his mouth.
  Wafer biscuit consists of single chip cookies with fillings of two parts, a special cookies .
  Single chip consists of wheat flour, starch, oil, water and chemical leavening agent of pulp, after baking cookies .
  In the processing wafer biscuit production, need many machines, Wafer biscuit cutting machine is one of them. wafer biscuit cutting machine can cut the wafer biscuit into the shape of a need .
  The wafer biscuit cutting machine is mainly composed of longitudinal push plate, longitudinal cutter, lateral push plate, horizontal cutter, transmission and other components. mainly used for cutting wafer cake .
  Vertical and horizontal push-plate push-plate guide mechanism, driven by eccentric, horizontal and vertical rotation of the cutter head, vertical cutter directly from the main drive motor and reducer horizontal knife driven by another motor. During operation, the longitudinal push plate blanks advance the longitudinal cut circular sheet sheet into strips, and then push the side panels with the lattice sheets to promote the side knife, and then cut into the different sizes you want.
  Cutting machine adopts PLC program control automation, and into the piece (cutting) before the conveyor systems. Easy to change of cutting tool and cutting layer optional. Cutting channel using organic glass shield, necessary to open the door to stop safety protection. 

wafer biscuit cutting machine
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