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The detail of the wafer biscuit oven

Publish Tina On 2016-11-08

  In wafer biscuit production, need a lot of machines, wafer cake oven is one of them, and it is very important.
  For large-scale production of wafer, template number 27 ~ 85 sets. The pulp, bake out automatically. the oven adopts double furnace chamber structure. Make internal furnace chamber heating effect is better, outside the furnace chamber of mechanical part longer service life.
  Wafer biscuit oven is good metal insulation structure, beautiful appearance, equipped with grouting system, gas heating system, gas leakage alarm system, template transmission and connection device. Burner with high energy-saving combustion technology, greatly improve the utilization rate of combustion. double baking room insulation structure, make the pan in the upper and lower heating is more efficient in the hearth, furnace temperature uniformity.
The control part adopts Siemens mitsubishi or color touch screen. can display and set the cookie sheet of running speed, the temperature of baking sheet, the mechanical part, the plasma volume, ignition control etc.
  Gas system components adopt international famous brand products, the engine bearings SKF, Germany should be used in high temperature bearings, motor, reducer using the German made from the SEW baking sheet with gray cast iron. Long service life, the best effect of heat energy, wafer cake slice color evenly.
  Main features:
1, high efficiency and energy saving, high thermal efficiency, energy saving effect is good, more than 30%, and the health condition is good, long service life.
2, furnace design is unique, heat preservation performance more than the national standard requirements.
3, automatic control, oven temperature control process does not need to repeatedly electricity blackouts, achieving a uniform density of heat radiation, so as to adapt to different cookies need to an ideal temperature, its high reliability, high controlling accuracy, long service life, easy to control, no noise.

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