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The introduction of automatic packaging machine

Publish Ellie On 2016-11-08

  With the rapid development of China, the food machinery industry in the country is also enhancing all the time, so all kinds of food machines has appeared on the market. As one of the branches in this industry, the food packing machine plays an important role with its wide classification.
  In terms of the packing machine, the automation and mechanization are the main characteristics, so automatic packing machine is widely used by manufacturers.
  If taking the sealing effect into consideration, the vacuum packing machine is the best representative. The vacuum packing machine can extract air in the packaging bag automatically, and then it will finish the sealing procedure after reaching the vacuum degree. The vacuum is used in the food industry usually, because the food can against oxygen with a long preservation time after packed by the vacuum packaging machine.      
automatic packing machine
  The vacuum packaging technology originated from 1940s, and the polyester, polyethylene plastic film was put into use of vacuum packaging. After that, rapid development has happened to the vacuum packaging. With the promotion of small packaging and development of supermarkets, the application range is becoming more and more widely, so the prospect of vacuum packaging machine is brilliant in the future.
  When choosing vacuum packaging machine, there are some factors should be considered:
  1.    The packaging speed should be included for the sake of improving production efficiency.
  2.    Whether other protective gas is needed or not, or the multi-functional vacuum packaging machine is to be selected.
  3.    The raw material of the packaging machine.
  With the characteristics of high production efficiency, automation, multi-function, the adoption of new technology and the connectivity of production line, the vacuum packaging machine is popular among manufactures, especially for food, beverage, medicine, and electronic industry.
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