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Delicious Lavender Biscuit Recipe

Publish admin On 2015-11-06

Butter 140g   sugar  rams 80g   egg 1   Baking powder 1 tsp      low gluten flour 200 g   lavender 3.5 g (1.5 tablespoons)

1.First use boiling water to soak  lavender for 2 minutes. Then the water drained. 1 butter, beating until fluffy, mix it until  pale colors on it. Adding sugar, stirring.
2.An egg, broke up after the accession
3.Add the bubble of lavender
4.After the powder is mixed,sieve it. Sift a little bit until all the mixing is uniform. Put the mixture in the refrigerator for an hour.
5.Preheat oven to 175 degrees.
6.Take out the dough,and make biscuits in shapes u like.
7.Bake them in oven.
175 degrees, about 15 minutes

It's best not to get too thin. Because each person does the biscuit thickness is not same, if does the thick one, must appropriately increase the time. Proposed to take out, in a direction to continue to bake, so that the heat can be even more uniform.

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