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Biscuit in Europe

Publish admin On 2015-11-06

Biscuits (Biscuit)

The simplest biscuit are made by mixing flour and water, and it was first foung in Egype in BC4000.The real formal biscuits can be traced back to Persia in the seventh century, when sugar technology was developed. Until about the tenth century AD, with the Muslim conquest of Spain, biscuits spread to Europe, and has spread in Christian countries. To the fourteenth century AD, biscuits became a popular snack loved by Europeans. There are filled with the smell of cookies  from the royal kitchen to the street inhabited by civilians. Modern biscuit industry begain to spread the world due to advanced navigation technology  in the 19th century and went out  Britain in the long voyage.

Today there are many kinds of bsicuit in different flavour and shape,such as wafer biscuit,cookie,crackers,sandwishing biscuits,egg roll, macaroon,etc.Here are some pictures of those biscuits.

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