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Welcome Nigeria Delegation to China

Publish admin On 2015-11-17

Welcome Nigeria Delegation to China on November 13th! The governor of Cross river visit Zhengzhou Henan,Henan Commercial Office  ogranized a group contains 25 companys managers  to meet with them and seek for futher cooprate.Gelgoog are invited to be one of the group.The governor of Cross river shaked hands warmly with our manager Li Junhua.They talked much about the coopreation in the  future and feel glad to know each other.

Maybe most people's impression about Nigeria is about to oil, population and corruption.But now it has a total different look and are attracting more and more investors.According to PwC’s recent research, Lagos ranks third out of Africa’s 20 biggest cities in its ability to attract foreign direct investment and its growing middle-class. And in 2013, Nigeria surpassed South Africa as the continent’s largest economy after a statistical revision revealed national GDP to be around $509 billion, trumping South Africa’s $372 billion. So stunned was the international community that the data was in turn verified by the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the African Development Bank.

Since Nigeria is a developing country,there is a niche market in Nigeria especially in Textile and garment manufacturing equipment, paper making machinery, cassava processing, pharmaceutical industry, food processing and packaging machinery, recycling treatment technology, motorcycles, tricycles, animal husbandry and meat processing, paper making equipment, etc.  

Hope we can build good business relationship between China and Nigeria.

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