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Automatic Chikki Making Machine In Mumbai

Publish Lisa On 2018-04-13

Chikki making machine in Mumbai is very popular, recently, our chikki machine was transported to Mumbai. This machine is the ideal equipment making chikki(peanut candy). The historical origin of peanut candy is very deep, more and more people like to eat. In order to meet the demand of the market, there are many Food Machinery Corp research and development of peanut sugar machines. After many years of continuous efforts and improvement of our company and the automatic research and development of automatic peanut sugar machine in 2015, the chikki made by this machine is crisp and crisp. This peanut candy is crisp, sweet and not greasy, all consumers will eat after eating, this kind of crisp, crisp and crisp delicious traditional food is worth more people to taste, to praise!
chikki making machine
The machine is mainly used for the shaping of leisure foods such as peanut candy, peanut crisp and Qi Ma su. It has continuous feed pre pressure and multi roll roll rolling automatic forming. The product surface is flat, the density is moderate, the thickness is uniform, the automation and intelligence are realized. The machine adopts frequency conversion technology, the action of each part is coordinated by PLC control, and the speed and thickness of the joint can be adjusted to different products and processes to achieve the product molding. If you are interested with our product, please feel free to contact with me, thank you. My email is
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