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Automatic Fortune Cookie Machine Manufacturers In China

Publish Lisa On 2018-04-12

Automatic fortune cookie machine is a highly efficient professional equipment for sign cookies. The sign cake is a kind of cake that resembles the "Yuan Bao", which is auspicious, and is a unique Chinese culture. The machine has compact structure, high efficiency, high degree of automation, and has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection. Sign cookies are generally used in restaurants for dessert, but also for recreational food.
fortune cookie
Customers can choose different equipment according to their own requirements, our food machinery has exported to Canada, Argentina, Russia, Vietnam, South Africa and many other countries, well received by domestic and foreign users, is the ideal food machinery for the vast number of users.
In order to use the customers to buy the rest assured, we are satisfied with the design, production, testing and other links strictly to achieve consultation, sales and maintenance of a dragon service, purchase the plant equipment, free of charge to provide formula, package your heart, rest assured, satisfied. If you are interested in our machine, please contact me by phone or e-mail. We will quote you according to the specific requirements you provide. Please feel free to contact with me, my email is, whatsapp/phone number is +8618595717505
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