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How Can I Make Pizza Cone For Customers?

Publish Lisa On 2018-03-26

This pizza cone making machine is mainly used for making different shapes and sizes pizza cones with high quality, why we choose this machine to make the pizza cones, this pizza cone machine design is novel, the structure is reasonable, the stainless steel is made and durable, and the operation is simple and the key is controlled. The temperature is adjustable to ensure the beautiful and complete molding of the sweet tube pizza. The products are certified by international standards such as CE and ISO:9001-2008. The quality is stable, safe and reliable. The pizza machine can produce 4 pizza tubes at a time, the most ideal equipment for baking pizza, and the necessary sweet food pizza equipment used by the major restaurants.
pizza cone making machine
And the pizza cone forming machine also have these advantages: 
Advanced technology: the introduction of advanced technology and technology in Italy, excellent equipment and numbered numbers in the country
Safety production: key control of the production process of the sweet tube pizza canister
Flexible production: temperature adjustable, adjust the upper and lower die temperatures of the cartridge mold according to the different formulas
Indication reminding: the built-in automatic alarm device for the sweet tube pizza machine, the peripherals power indicator light + mould core temperature hint
Emergency plan: emergency stop key, as long as one press, drop stop work.

So if you are interested with this pizza cone machine, please contact with me, we will send you the machine price and details by your demand.
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