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Welcome to The 123th Canton Fair

Publish Lisa On 2018-03-21

China Import and Export fair, also known as Guangzhou Fair, referred to as the Canton Fair, the old Chinese export Commodities fair, founded in the spring of 1957, the spring and autumn in Guangzhou each year, organized by the Ministry of Commerce and the Guangdong Provincial People's government jointly sponsored by the Chinese Foreign Trade Center contractor. China's current history is the longest, the highest level, the largest, most diverse types of goods, to the largest buyers and distribution of the country's most extensive, the best deal effect of the comprehensive international Trade event. Since the 101th session of April 2007, the Canton Fair from the Chinese export Commodities Fair changed its name to China Import and export commodities fair, from a single export platform into two-way trading platform for import and export.
ice cream cone machine
This year's April 15 to May 5 is the 123th Canton Fair, the major exporters have been actively picking their own products, ready to shine on the show. GELGOOG Machinery as the Canton Fair's loyal old customers, we will still be exhibiting. We plan to show our ice cream cone machine and some finished ice cream cones. The following is the specific information we exhibit, if you are interested in our machine, you can come to the canton fair to negotiate with us.
Notice: 2018 Spring Fair (123 Canton Fair)
GELGOOG Machinery Booth Number: 8.0P04
Exhibition Time: April 15, 2018---April 19
If you are interested our ice cream cone machine and have time, warmly welcome the broad masses of customers to attend the Canton Fair.
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